About Me

My name is Irina Redman and I am treating people with homeopathic remedies, I work in Ipswich, Colchester, Suffolk,# and in Colchester Essex. I am a qualified, registered homeopath, qualified iridologist, member of the Association of Natural Medicine, and author of the book ’15 kilos ago or how to get slim again…‘.

I graduated from the College of Practical Homeopathy in 1998, and from then on, have been working full-time as a homeopath. In 1999, I graduated from the Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College, and became a fully qualified practitioner in iridology.

In 2003, I successfully completed the Weight Consultancy course of the British School of Yoga Group. I am committed to regular and ongoing ‘Continued Professional Development’, which includes attending conferences in the UK and abroad. I created and successfully run  a one-year course  called ‘How to use Homeopathy at Home’. I am also a qualified allergy tester, check out my web site www.allergycheckcentre.co.uk

Over the last two years, I have been doing much research, and completed my first book, ’15 kilos ago, or how to get slim again…‘. It is about how to lose weight with the help of healthy life style.
During last several years I became very interested in finding how to keep natural beauty with the help of massage, natural organic  creams and masks. I completed several different courses and I am now qualified to make anti wrinkle skin rejuvenation creams, gels, face serums, face oils, moisturisers, shampoos and lip balms.  I am also a qualified holistic Facial Masseur.

My primary interests within homeopathy are hormone imbalances, obesity, sinusitis,  menopause, immune deficiency, allergies, degenerative diseases – MS, ME, arthritis, eczema – and all aspects of longevity – how to live long and feel healthy with the help of homeopathy and a healthy life style.

Other interests include painting, art, classical music, healthy cooking, travelling and country walks.

I have 21 years experience in homeopathy and my primary concern is your health and well-being. You could call me for a chat without any obligations, or come to meet me in my clinic in Ipswich.
Face-to-face consultations are available in Ipswich Suffolk, Colchester Essex and surrounding area.

Homeopathic consultations in Essex and Suffolk