Long Covid has affected more than one million people in the UK alone and has had a devastating effect on many lives. If you are not 100 % healthy after 4 weeks from covid you could call me and we shall discuss you symptoms. It could be fatigue, change of taste, problems with memory and concentration, pains in joints and muscles.

There are homeopathic remedies that may help to strengthen the immunity system, improve memory, improve digestion, and generally ease off the different long covid symptoms. Don’t wait in hope that LONG COVID symptoms will disappear themselves, it may happen or not… Ask for professional advice and treatment.

Lot of people could ask – does homeopathic treatment really works?

Significant improvement occurred in those treated with homeopathic remedies, but not in the placebo group. Within one year, 42% of homeopathically treated patients were able to stop all conventional pharmaceutical treatments (Gibson, 1980).