I am very pleased, and sometimes amazed, how much Homeopathy helps; I was given a permission to publish this testimony by it’s author.

” In my forties I was living a monthly nightmare and booked in for endometrial ablation. I was able to cancel the procedure thanks to Irinas remedies. In my fifties a uterine polyp removed contained pre – cancerous cells. Again with Irinas help the following biopsy was clear and hysterectomy avoided.” April 2016

The patient is a young gentlemen who has Diabetes Type 2, IBS, depression and chronic hay-fever.

I am feeling better on my homeopathy. If I miss most of the day for whatever reason , I feel hot flushed, skin clammy – like perspiration. I then need 4 – 5 remedies every day. IBS seems better. I am amazed that the homeopathic remedies taken separately cures my general sweating, especially  hotness. It feels like internal heat that is not escaping , but the remedies seems to cure it.

Thank you. Blessings.

October 2014.

My hbA1c was 8.4 6 months ago, now it is 7.6. Great improvement. Thanks.

October 2014.

I feel lucky to have met Irina! I run a busy life with a demanding senior role in Central London and Irina has now over many years been the lady to keep me well, balanced and in good health. I originally started seeing her nearly 10 years ago to deal with a thyroid issue I had. I really did not want to take ‘conventional’ medication from my GP that I felt was being forced upon me. I am delighted to say that Irina sorted my issue out very quickly. Since then, I have turned to Irina to help with a viral infection I could not clear and later menstrual issues. I could not recommend Irina highly enough, in fact I do, too all of my friends and colleagues. Thank you Irina! I am lucky to have found you.

I am 85 years old and was suffering recently from excruciating pain in my knee which was red and swollen. After an X-ray I was diagnosed with arthritis and I was advised to do some special exercises alongside with applying topically ibuprofen-containing gel and taking paracetamol to ease the pain. Unfortunately, this treatment did not help and I decided to try alternative medicine.

Irina Redman visited me at home – as it was quite a problem for me to get to her clinic – and after a thorough examination prescribed some homeopathy medicines. I was on this treatment for about 2 months and I can say now that the pain has gone completely and my knee is back to normal. I am very grateful to Irina for such effective treatment and great result.

In April 1998 I suddenly became badly ill. I was diagnosed with inflammation of the ovary which, when X-rayed, showed an ovarian cyst the size of a large orange. The hospital doctor’s decision was to remove it and the operation was planned to take place within 3 weeks.

This is when I first decided to try homeopathy and turned to Irina Redman for help. After the first consultation she prescribed a mixture of medicines which I had to take very meticulously.

When I was admitted for the operation, another X-ray was taken and the consultant was greatly surprised to discover that the cyst had reduced considerably to the size of a plum and the inflammation had subdued. This, of course, made the operation much easier than it would have been and with minimal complications.

This homeopathy treatment proved to be really successful and I am indebted to Irina for her swift and precise analysis and action. I have been one of her thankful patients since then.